Summer is coming! Clear heat, refresh the liver and connect to the majesty of the desert with our Soothe Me Tea !

Who Are We?

Chloe & Shannon are Sonoran desert herbalists with extensive knowledge in bio-regional plant... (click to read more)

Chloe & Shannon are superb Sonoran desert herbalists with extensive knowledge in bio-regional plant medicines as well as the global art of elixir formulation. With over 20 years of combined experience, they source, harvest & craft high-quality medicines at affordable pricing in Arizona. 

Rainbow Bliss Botanicals was birthed in 2012 by Chloe Bee with a focus on nervines, aphrodisiacs, cognition-enhancing formulations and herbal remedies to help people listen to their heart. Chloe’s mother, Donna, makes all the salves, chakra oils, aromatherapy misters, and infused-oils with her 40+ years of experience playing with odiferous botanicals. Our tinctures, salves, tea blends, yoni steams, aromatherapy and powdered aphrodisiac blends are made with sustainable & eco-minded intentions so they can be crafted for years to come! Each batch of our Nervalicious, Amethyst Blessing, Fungal Wonder, Multiple Orgasm Mocha, Sigh of Relief Tea, Psoriasis Salve, Viru-stop tincture and more bee-hold the highest quality ingredients and elegantly guided intuition that one can dream of. 

We are two connected projects! Rainbow Bliss Botanicals product line is available for online retail as well as national wholesale. Our remedies feature herbs & fungi grown with love in Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, West Coast, Southwest and also luscious lotus from Sri Lanka and babely barks from Peru. Rainbow Bliss is currently on the shelves at a growing number of apothecaries in Hawaii and the United States. Happy Healthy High Horny Herbs is a stationary staple unique to Tempe, Arizona where we host our in-house line Rainbow Bliss as well as other budding herbalists & artists creations. There, we provide in-person herbal consultation services and custom formulations made by our team; Connor, Jaxx, Brenna, Shannon, UD, and Nathan... and also organize events with locally radiant herbaceous vibrations. 

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Get to know the Owner

Salutations, my moniker is Chloe Bee. I hold frogs as a medicine animal guide for the love of encouraging humans to be a prismatic rainbow, to be adaptable,  be there own medicine whether aquatic or terrestrial, and be grounded in harmony with Mother Earth. With positive influence from my passion to build...

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