Elixir of trance.

If an atheistic belief system leads to a saddening, mind-altering fear of nothingness after death; perhaps that absence of spirit, absence of something greater than flesh and bone, that lacking of divinity, has proven to be a failed system. When a choice to believe in and feed the nothingness with distraction and sedation has paved the way to suffering, anxiety of the within and unknown, or a severed sense of self-awareness and self-actualization; perhaps it is time to shift longing, regrets, and hollowness into joy and liberation beyond death. 

Yes, liberation beyond death. 

When one can feel the solace in the tenderness of true human affection, they know something greater exists, for we cannot control LOVE, only choose to accept and reciprocate. So why deny divine love, universal love, and the lavish pleasure of being in love with forms outside flesh and bone. To know we have spirit carried in the elements, to know we can predict time and nurture cycles by way of the moon, to know the Earth and beings of celestial realms can subtly guide us without ego; THAT is what soothes anxiety.

Medicine in the mystery. 

If the subtle change is made to honor your [our] mystery, your [our] beyond-blood ancestry, your [our] divine purpose, the interconnectedness of all living creatures, and the healing potential of the four sacred, live-giving elements; what is there to lose? 

Perhaps what there is to gain is a gift of understanding our individual and POTENTially collective ability to communicate with energy directly, without the limitations of a particular cognitive system. Or perhaps waking visions of interpreting essences and finding truths. 

All this might even lead to the elixir of trance...if you'd like to go there; to find meaning in flow and meaning in Ecstacy, hold passion as sacred, and become skilled in dreaming so that we may act with more wisdom. A wisdom that answers prayers, guides us, and helps us SEE that division, misery, and slavery are causes of malady. 

Elixir of trance. Craft it...

This idea, or goal, is mature, sane, benevolent and successful. A method of access to Great Spirit, God, the Creation. 

It is critically important to nurture yourself and the ability to receive and express universal love with every thought, word, and action. If we lose this love, or never discover it; that could destroy everything. When we discover the love within and surrounding us, we began to think more than nothing of how we have come to be here. I believe in the sublime, the divine. And I believe this is how we transcend the anxiety that plagues individuals and our collective culture. 

As you read this, try not to focus all understanding on words; for words are a way humans buffer themselves from their own existential experience. If we become obsessed with words, we can become confused and perhaps these words can turn us into liars. Just Feel. Reveal, feel, accept, express pure, genuine love. 

I'm beginning to learn how to speak what is in my heart. To not be appalled by the condition of life of Earth, and to not be afraid of death, because I feel I know what death looks like and choose to believe in a journey after death. 

Often, the comfort of science and reason provides us with a solid default platform; a means of how we can deny magiK and spirit. And those who crave logic over alchemy and lineage tend to cave inward into suffering and isolation. I've been there, I know that place well..a place of anxiety and fear of what I'm capable of through dreams and also vulnerable to when I speak from my lucid heart. 

I see 'God' in permaculture, I see 'God' in medicinal plants, I see 'God' in being a freak, I see 'God' in collective liberation, I see 'God' in twilight. I am spoken to in my sacred slumber and in moments of trance. By energy without a face, without a name. These visions have helped me walk a path away from vanity, greed, anger, and mostly the anxiety of nothingness. And I feel free.

we are the flower of life. we are a sacred communion of essence, duality, creation and force. 

I dance my dance, I sing my song; and together we unfold the Earth's prayer. Learning to share my very being and gently asking Creator to be with me, to be with us, where there is space. 

Ometeotl. Aloha. One Love. 



Chloe Bee

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