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In cases of Qi, Kidney, Yin, Yang, or Essence deficiency (broadly diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), the body has increased susceptibility to manifesting parasites. Intestinal parasites, pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms, liver flukes, and roundworms can all be treated through a thorough and dedicated application of healing foods and herbs. Fatigue with a distended abdomen, peri-umbilical pain and a deranged appetite are three major pointers to the presence of parasites. Parasites also enter and affect the bodies of Excess (Excess Yang, Excess Qi, etc.) conditions, but in this case, they are easier to expel because the strength of the body supports the removal along with bitter, detoxifying, and eliminative herbs.  Overall, the infestation of parasites is contracted externally from contaminated water, foods, stagnant lakes, etc, but also are the result of a disharmonious or imbalanced internal body chemistry. After parasites are detected, immediately shift a diet to eliminate foods that directly feed parasites, like sugars, sweet fruits, white flour, white sugar, alcohol, greasy foods, and juices (parasite starvation diet). After these are cut out completely for a 2-4 days, a light fast begins and herbs step in to expel. These herbs are called anthelmintics, or more specifically: herbs that kill parasites are vermicides, and herbs that repel or expel worms are called vermifuges. 

If the body is not emaciated or deficient, an herbal protocol can begin to kill and expel formulas. After modifying diet strictly for 2-4 days, a simple folk remedy is to eat two to three uncooked tablespoons of rice upon awakening for a two weeks with water. Wait 3-4 hours after to eat anything else, and with anything you eat, add a teaspoon of papaya seeds then fast on a fresh, chopped garlic salad with pumpkin seeds, greens, pomegranate seeds, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice for 2 days. If tea is a desired substitute or addition, follow the uncooked rice protocol, then drink a 15-20 gram decoction of Betel nut (Areca catechu) around noon then a tea of wormwood, crushed wild carrot seeds (Daucus carota AKA Queen Anne’s Lace), and fresh ginger in the evening. Bufo toad secretion can also be added to this procedure (Chan Su in PinYIn or Bufo gargarizans) if extreme toxicity, mouth sores, abdominal pain, severe swelling, mouth abscesses and sore throat are present as a result of a parasitic infection. This is taken at a dose of .015 -0.3 grams of dried toad venom in a pill or powder, which is available at Chinese apothecaries. Throughout these protocols, it is super beneficial to perform herbal enemas of mugwort, garlic, yerba mansa, barberry, and/or wormseed. If one rejects strongly to herbal enemas, get over it, or consume herbal purgatives instead to assist in expulsion. Triphala, cascara bark, aloe, or rhubarb are excellent choices. Stay hydrated throughout the process, bathe in chaparral baths, observe stools, and remain strictly on the parasite-starvation diet until parasites are gone. This procedure is not safe during pregnancy. 

If the Qi is deficient, the body and immune system must be strengthened through the use of herbal Qi tonic broths, protein, complex carbohydrates, and fresh air. Kicharee with black grain rice, organic mung beans, greens, and garlic with cumin is a great way to strengthen the body, provide fiber, provide protein, and nourish the stomach before a parasite cleanse. in addition to kicharee, or other simple and nutritive dishes that are Qi building in nature, herbal tonic broths of american ginseng, astragalus, codonopsis, white atractylodes, reishi mushroom, jujube dates, Chinese wild yam, eleuthro, and chaga mushroom are fantastic! Crockpot or decoct any or all of these herbs and drink for two weeks before an intensive cleanse using anthelmintics herbs. This will increase internal strength and energy as well as support the immune system while cleansing, but also prevent re-occurances of infestations if done regularly. 

In general, anthelmintics cannot be used during pregnancy due to their downward action and flavors. The spicy or pungent flavor is composed of fire and air. Cayenne pepper, garlic, peppers, and asafoetida are all spicy and pungent, which have the potential to overheat a high-pitta constitution and burn out their nourishing kapha or water Yin. When Blood disorders, eruptive skin disorders, and semen disorders are present, avoid use of fire-based anthelmintics. However, these are very helpful for kapha constitution, or to treat indigestion, loss of appetite, colds, asthma, obesity, and coughs. The bitter flavor anthelmintics are composed of air and ether. These are drying, cooling, clearing, and dominate over all other flavors on the palate. Beneficial for skin disorders, blood toxicity, and anorexia, the bitter herbs of gentian, barberry, boldo, and oregon grape are cleansing and also clear fevers. Bitter anthelmintics are strongly contraindicated in cases of nervous exhaustion or nervous disorders because they would further derange Vata and unground Shen. 

Anthelmintics can be safely used for a parasite cleanse as long as the body-mind constitution is in awareness. Black walnut, neem, noni fruit, cinchona bark, rue, epazote, and elecampane are other anti-parasitical allies for a lovely spring-thyme cleanse. 


Resources: Planetary Herbology by Michael Tierra C.A., N.D. 

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