Between waking and slumber, a lucid realm awaits. 

Of blue electric winds and fires out of place.

Astrology speaks the diviner is divine,

What you choose to remember is the key to blast past find.

Mayan serpents and yellow Eagles, the dragons have lessons too,

Don't leap before you fly, or the roof may come crashing through.

Astral waves and half moon haze are undulating without sound,

But practice wisdom deeply before departing the ground.

Running Jaguars, Gila monsters, and packs of wolfs have arrived,

Listen a la abejas, they have earthen honesty inside the hive.

Lapis. dolphins iguanas accentuate this azul wonderland,

Choose to channel mythology, reality, and jade turned into sand.

Everyday with open eyes verde vividness surrounds,

Bamboo turns to didgeridoos and tribal tambors pound.

Travel if you wish while curiosity fills the membranes,

Protect la huevo cosmico and record what you deem insane.

Espacio is no place for four or five elements,

These foster life and generate rainbows for teepees and tents.

Hace frio sin hermanas de la tierra,

Pozas turquesa and volcanic heat melt us como cera.

Falling in dreams assists in sensory expansion,

Disfruta templos y selvas And visions of monos in mansions..

Lucidity is a constant when we heal our conditioned view,

Equilibrio in consciousness, our dreams are potent too..

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