Dreamy mastery mugwort, 

moxa heals the contort. 

Artemesia japonicaaa

for local and pain chronicaaa.

..mazing ancient art form, 

building yang and body warm. 

Chinese mountains fire melt snow, 

a method of longevity from long ago. 

Sparks and bustion, no anxiety within, 

Yang min rebirth growing thicker away from thin. 

Swollen joints, diminishing Qi, 

Mogusa and intention, burn it, set free. 

Rising reaction, Qi finding, go there, 

like ginseng evaporating Yin and fair. 

Five rounds and stagnation rushes and flows, 

what a divine art form your healer has chose. 

When throwing darts becomes too cool, 

and taking becomes the option for a fool. 

Between bamboo, the thread rolls thin, 

timeless balance of fierce yang and gentle yin. 

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