Rising moon waxing, last action is relaxing

What occupies the mind is craft, aim for excellence in intuition, no rough draft

Rich empirical evidence, co-existing blessed elements

How sacred these botanical benefits, brilliant photosynthesis and solar relevance

Seeds buried in soil, nitrogen ascending

tap root shooting deeper and sprout light bending

All I can think about is cellular mitosis, which plants need what and how we can grow this

Exuding data like mycelium, these plants have copious lessons

Foster life, make medicine from root to flower essence

Amongst the chaos, the sun continues to shine

Biodiversity is fought for, prayed for, by masters who make shrines

Centuries of refining and local application too, young plants grow and old thicken through

Be it organ, meridian, or shen…or the stress of a system with pressure of 10,000 men

There’s a formula for that, be it zizyphus or eye of bat

And after kind craft takes effect with belief at the core, you’ll be everything but flat

This mystical science and co-evolving medicine

heals sadness and pain and deficiency of the endocrine

As they grow, saturate new leaves with song, by the next 2 moons a harvest comes along

How sophisticated these ways of earthen, true honesty

Don’t abuse it, endanger or underestimate, please promise we

When diagnostics are unclear and textbooks can’t speak,

Look deep into the soul of the patients whom plants seek.

Intuition, knowing, trusting are potent miraculous tools,

What an honor and blessing to be a part of this school.


To the beloved teachers and founders and fellow students at EastWest Planetary Herb School. 

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