San Pedro Medicine

san pedro herb

Trichocereus pachanoi,  Huachuma, San Pedro, mi guía, mi espíritu, mi corazón. 

Truth, direct medicine. Like a drum beat, like a heart beat. Without confusion, only the unraveling of conditioning, vibrational untwisting of painful lies, re-arranging of heart for goodness sake, making space for beauty. This medicine is deep in my being, and deeper set in South American folklore, ceremony, ritual, and spirit. Native to Ecuador and Peru, this gorgeous columnular cactus boasts night-blooming blossoms that blow the heart open with adoration and wonder. 

My first experience with San Pedro cactus was at the meeting point of two rivers, nestled in between mountains in a sacred valley near Vilcabamba, Ecuador. With the perfect company, a clean body, local wisdom, cleansing of a union between two rivers, and an open heart; Huachuma medicine allowed me to untwist angst, unravel hatred towards American culture, soothe anxiety, and dissolve the walls that had formed around my heart. The Stars sang to me, explained the demise of females from Minny Mouse to Nicki Minaj, that anger will never empower others, and that everything will be ok. This medicine spoke to me in a sorcerous call to action; action for the sake of all creatures; action to inspire the importance of honoring ecology over money. A mystical Eve transformed me into a story-weaving spider and brought me back into my flesh with freshness, respect, gratitude, and impeccable work ethic. Motivation, sexual healing, positive direction, and spiritual stamina all unfolded as this medicine began to work on me in seen and unseen ways. Years later, I have continued to honor, cultivate, converse with, and dream with this conscious cactus. 

Today, I'm happy to announce I have crafted a cacti collection of crystalline clean and purely heart-centered biological imprints of the beloved Trichocereus pachanoi. These were crafted in regard to celestial energy and sang to via my voice as a vessel. 


Solar Huachuma flower essence

Solar Huachuma Blossom Essence

Message: Blessings on your voyage. Blessings on our voyage. May we remember what is of real importance and allow for rapid, organic synergy on our paths. Magic overflowing and aligning to generate medicinal beams and channels of communication and exchanging insight to our Creator. Allow for trance. Allow for flowing prayer and may these prayers unfold with direct clarity and divine encounters on your path. May a sense of grandness, detailed awareness, adoration of botanical surroundings and ecological marvel bless your way with open eyes. 

Ingredients: vibrational flower essence of 2 fresh Trichocereus pachanoi blossoms, distilled water, 35% aged añejo gold tequila, and 5% certified organic vegetable glycerine. 


Lunar Huachuma flower essence

Message: I crescendo into sharpness. I allow for closure of uncertainties and give myself permission to be bold. I am tough and adaptable to extreme conditions, yet fully aware of what truly nourishes my bones. Peaceful, swaying, and mystical; I tune into twilight. I greet creatures of the night as allies with more eyes. I am solid in my sexuality, and I know my pleasure well. I make love to the universe and caressed by the starlight. 

Ingredients: 1 sexy fresh Huachuma blossom vibrational essence, distilled water, 35% silver tequila, 5% Certified organic vegetable glycerine. 


Sacred Union

sacRED UniON HuachUma Flower blossom essence

Message: I am a messenger between Mother Earth and Father sky; together we create. Understanding that we are all a result of orgasm, I fully envelope, honor, represent, and welcome sacred Union and divine sexuality. 

Ingredients: Vibrational solar San Pedro flower essence, vibrational lunar Huachuma essence, aged gold añejo tequila, silver tequila, distilled water, and certified organic vegetable glycerine.


If you are interested in attaining this powerfully healing essence, I encourage you to contact me via I have mother flower essence that I can provide straight or diluted. 

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