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Rainbow Bliss Botanicals

Aravaipa Tobacco Flower Essence

Aravaipa Tobacco Flower Essence

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Nicotiana trigonophylla – As I sang a peyote song to 7 blossoms in a crystal bowl of spring water and Arizona citrine, the blossoms floated towards one another to form an “A”…and the message came. Looking towards the South, spider medicine speak of green futures and Northern Purity. Wild Tobacco assists to tell stories, weave webs and open ears for all the critters. Sweet essence, sit with me, I am home to spiders, home to creation. I ask that you say what you mean and mean what you say but overall, speak indulgently of folklore and stories of creation. May these stories heal the wounded masculine. As corn maiden holds fertility, they divine and continue to arise the masculine. Abuelo, hermano, hijo, be strong and unwounded. Bee empowered, loving community catalysts for folkloric balance. You carry ancestral wisdom, blood, and wisdom. You are worthy and have stories to tell.

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