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Bring mY Moon Tincture 2oz

Bring mY Moon Tincture 2oz

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This tincture is to be used to encourage the menstrual cycle to initiate. Suggested to stagnant or late menses, this formula can also help to ease cramping and bloating. Bring My Moon tea and tincture can be used in conjunction with a natural contraceptive and cycle tracking protocol to reduce fertilization and implantation.

Ingredients: Mugwort leaf (Artemesia vulgaris), Juniper Berrys, Yarrow Flowers, dash of Rue (Ruta graveolens), Dong Quai, Angelica Archangelica root, and black cohosh root. 100% organic herbs extracted 4:1 in organic, GMO-free cane alcohol.

2oz (60mL)

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