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Rainbow Bliss Botanicals

Connection to Spirit Tea

Connection to Spirit Tea

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Connection to Spirit Tea - A blessed blend for unblocking channels, empowering psychic prowess, and playing with divination. Intentionally formulated for tarot readings and seeing beyond the flesh and bone.

100% organic

This tea comes packaged in 1 oz or 2oz rice paper bags.

Instructions: Sit with this one, as a morning tea, or before you get to work. Pour 2 cups freshly boiled water over 2 tbspns herbs, cover, allow infusion for 10 minutes, strain, enjoy.

Ingredients: Shatavari Root (Wild Asparagus), wood betony, sweet basil, fennel seeds, calendula petals, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, thyme leaf & flower, calamus root, hawthorn feaf, hawthorn flower, and hawthorn berry with an ideal dose of pure visionary love.

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