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Contraception Care Kit

Contraception Care Kit

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I adore the human body and all of its wondrous functions and fluids. I believe in connection through sweat and passion.. and I personally don’t want 9 babies..but maybe 2.. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

So over the past decade I’ve been studying chemical-free contraception as a path towards enhanced pleasure. Here’s a kit I’ve crafted as a bridge towards plant-based contraception practices. It’s ridiculous how erotic nature is. Mama Earth provides all the tools to facilitate an orgasmic existence without having to reproduce every year. From spermicides to hormonal regulators to implantation inhibitors, emmenagogues and abortifacients, there are truly solutions within nature that demand us to be connected to our cycles and our sexuality. If these terms are new to you, I do 1-1 consultations on how to successfully approach these botanicals. If you’re all set to go and want to do the research online and dive into these all-organic and super fresh, high-potency herbal formulas and extracts, this kit is now available for you here!


*Neem Oil (spermicide lubricant) 2oz 

*Queen Anne’s Lace seeds 1oz

*Queen Anne’s lace tincture (implantation inhibitor) 1oz 

*Plant B morning after tea (to pair with Queen Anne’s Lace during ovulation window) 2oz

(^Mugwort, Juniper Berry, Yarrow flowers, Dong Quai, Cinnamon, licorice and Ginger)

*Bring my Moon tincture - emmenagogue formula to bring the menses when it’s due 2oz

(^Mugwort leaf, Juniper Berry, Angelica, Yarrow leaf and flower, Rue)

These are at a combined value of:

$105.95 and the kit is for sale $94.44

You MUST cycle track with these methods. Seek council on how to cycle track, talk about it with your friends, get moon journals. The more we commune with nature and the cycles within it, the more effective these natural methods become.

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