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Gut Liberation Parasite Cleanse tincture

Gut Liberation Parasite Cleanse tincture

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A digestive bitter with vermifuge action to loosen, expel and prevent parasites. This formula can also be used to intensity the efficacy of emmenagogues to bring menstruation. Do not use during pregnancy.

90 (3mL) drops in a small amount of water 3-4 times daily between meals for best results

* Artemisia, also called wormwood is a very bitter herb that expels parasites.

* Black Walnut Hulls are a bitter vermifuge.

* Papaya leaf and seed are known to kill abnormal cells in the body – and parasites are certainly abnormal to our bodies.

* Cascara sagrada causes bowel movements, and since parasites tend to reside in the intestinal tract, they help to expel them.

2 fl.Oz (60mL)

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