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Her MajesTEA powder play

Her MajesTEA powder play

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On the female front, heyyyyy we got you, we serve the goddess!

Her Majestea!!!! It's mega feminine lovely. You miiiight be so wet, your partner could need a snorkel. Bahahah. Yeaa, so this one is a 100% organic, fair trade, and sex-positive blend of : Muira Pauma 4:1 extract concentrate, Peruvian Maca root, damiana leaf powder, Mucuna puriens (15% L-dopa high-grade), Hawaiian Kava  Kava root (to direct blood flow to genitals), Tribulus terrestris vine powder and 4% extract Vietnamese Cinnamon.  

Muira Pauma is known as an anti-inflammatory and cognition enhancer. We put in this formula because it is proven through botanical assessments and human studies that Muira puama also improves sexual desire, sexual fantasies, and the ability to reach orgasm!!!! 

To use: Mix 2 tsp in warm water, hot chocolate, morning coffee, or yogurt and enjoyyy 4-5xs a week to build up the pleasure.



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