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Malama Pono Plumeria & Dolphin essence

Malama Pono Plumeria & Dolphin essence

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Under a plumeria tree, surrounded in fallen blossoms and Hawaiian spring water, I ask: What excuses have I made to not hold self-care as #1?! The plumeria speaks to me, “you are worth it, to pamper yourself, to treat everyday with positive thoughts and actions.”

Take time to nourish yourself, nap on the sand, rest near the river, play like the dolphins… and then a biiiiiiig ohana family of dolphins come sparking by while I was crafting this essence and the plumerias spoke again, “take such great care of yourself that upon opening (to others, upon waking, to your reflection) that mama earth recognizes you by your glow, your vibrancy, your radiantly evident results of self-care and LOVE. Aloha. 

A 15mL Vibrational essence of plumerias from southern shores of big island, hawaii. Puna wildflower honey & ocean vodka <3 

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