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Rainbow Bliss Botanicals

"Plant B" - Bring my Moon TEA!

"Plant B" - Bring my Moon TEA!

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Organic Mugwort leaf, Juniper berries, Dong Gui root (Angelica sinensis), , Yarrow flowers, Ginger slices, and a dash of cinnamon and licorice.

  • Best to pair with Queen Anne’s Lace as a morning after implantation inhibition aid during the ovulation window.

  • for confirmed early pregnancy, use this uterine contracting and emmenagogue formula for inducing menstruating and aiding in a botanical abortion (AKA planned miscarriage)

  • here’s instructions for the Botanical abortion brew: 1/2 cup of dried herbs simmered into 64oz of water for 30min. drink 3cups every 4 hours until menses occurs.

  • Use 7,000-10,000 MG Vitamin C spaced throughout the day to increase efficacy of this process.

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