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Rainbow Bliss Botanicals

Solar Huachuma Blossom Essence

Solar Huachuma Blossom Essence

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Message: Blessings on your voyage. Blessings on our voyage. May we remember what is of real importance and allow for rapid, organic synergy on our paths. Magic overflowing and aligning to generate medicinal beams and channels of communication and exchanging insight to our Creator. Allow for trance. Allow for flowing prayer and may these prayers unfold with direct clarity and divine encounters on your path. May a sense of grandness, detailed awareness, adoration of botanical surroundings and ecological marvel bless your way with open eyes. 

 1/2 oz (15mL)

MOTHER essence

Contains: vibrational flower essence of 2 fresh Trichocereus pachanoi blossoms, distilled water, 35% aged añejo gold, and 5% certified organic vegetable glycerine. 

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